Kyla Mallett: Personhood

Paris, London, Hong Kong
March 2014 | view / download (pdf)

How to See and Read the Aura

Mercer Union, Toronto 2013
Sarah Robayo Sheridan

Exhibition Brochure with Essay
Feb 2013 | view / download (pdf)

Notes on Notes: Literacy in the Margins

Marnina Gonick
Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, Vol 27, No 1
Feb 2011 | view / download (pdf)

Art exhibit explores challenges faced by youth

The Canadian Press / CTV
Art exhibit explores challenges faced by youth
Jan 2008 | view online

Self-Help Book Inspires Notable Kyla Mallett Work

Mercer Union, Toronto,
January 10 – February 16, 2013

Ashley McLellan
Canadian Art Online
Jan 2013 | view online

Artists Kyla Mallett and Samuel Roy-Bois look to library books and sound booths for inspiration

Robin Laurence
Georgia Straight
Sep 2009 | view online

Modern Firsts - On the margins

Paul Whitney
Amphora, The Alcuin Society
Nov 2008 | view article

Tools for Conviviality Social Works

Ashley McLellan
Canadian Art Online
Aug 2012 | view online


Dec 2006 | view article

Kyla Mallett: Marginalia

Robin Laurence
Dec 2006 | view / download (pdf)

Just Kidding: A high school confidential on the fine art of passing notes

Myfanwy MacLeod
Canadian Art
Summer 2004 | view / download (pdf)