In Marginalia, Mallett examines language in the social context or readership; in keeping with her interest in unsanctioned forms of communication, she created this body of work focused on the marginalia in books collected from the Vancouver Public Library. She first created a public artwork for the Vancouver Public Library, followed by a body of smaller photographic works (first exhibited at Artspeak in Vancouver.) In the Marginalia works, Mallett poses the library as an alternative archive, accumulating ‘damaged’ materials to uncover a parasitic system of communication, which coexists with the ‘host’ institution of the library.

Marginalia, 4 Installation Views
Artspeak Gallery, Vancouver 2006-2007

The Bride and the Bachelors, 2006
Lightjet print
40” × 55”

Kids on the Brink, 2006
6 lightjet prints
each 17” × 20 1/2”

The Montreal Massacre, 2006
4 lightjet prints
each 19” × 24 1/2”

Klee Wyck, 2006
12 lightjet prints
each 18” × 23 1/2”

Paradise Lost, 2006
14 lightjet prints
each 16 3/4” × 24”

Marginalia (VPL), 2005
Vancouver Public Library

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Kyla Mallett
Associate Professor
Faculty of Visual Art and Material Practice
Emily Carr University of Art and Design
1399 Johnston Street, Vancouver BC V6H 3R9

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